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Stop & Smell The Roses


Ingredients: Black vanilla tea, black rose tea and pink rose petals.

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“I’ve always been drawn to all things Rose–not only is my name AnnaRose, but it is a family name that I share with my cousin/best friend and the namesake of our beloved grandmother. Roses are very special to me. When I think of roses, one of the first places my mind wanders is to my grandma’s Brooklyn backyard. In a tiny concrete space, she magically cultivated an enchanting garden with the most beautiful roses.

When I created Stop & Smell the Roses I wanted to create a momentary pause to be able to transcend to that garden.  I wanted to create a blend that when sipped, caused the person enjoying it to close their eyes for a second and smile.  And when they finished their cup, they could continue about their day with a renewed sense of happiness and a reminder of how important it is to take a brief pause.

Steep. Sip. Smile.”

xo, AnnaRose

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Full Size: 3 oz, Petite Pack: .5 oz


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